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In an environment where anonymity is expected and fraud is a real risk, Verified by Obsidian vets crypto projects to create a base of trust with their stakeholders and a foundation upon which to gain authority.

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"We chose Obsidian for our first Identity Manager (KYC) because of their high standards. Obsidian is led by people in the space with an extremely solid reputation with complete transparency, and we've had the opportunity to experience it first-hand."


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What We Do

Why use Verified by Obsidian?

Verified by Obsidian is widely known for its selective acceptance process, the strict policy that requires all smart contract developers and multi-sig holders to go through our Identity Management Process and the smart contract safety check ahead of the public announcement of Verified by Obsidian status.

As the leader of an up-and-coming crypto project, you want to build as much trust as possible in order to achieve the vision set out for your community. That's why, if you are accepted into the program, you can look forward to the following:

Public Trust

Gain public trust by having your identities verified and proving you’re trustworthy not to steal or misuse project funds. The trust gained with having this accountability has historically almost always more than paid for the cost of verified by Obsidian by multiples.

Internal accountability

Countless projects have failed due to a single team member committing fraud or theft. Having the entire team held accountable ensures you won’t be liable for the actions of other team members or hired developers who think they can get away with it.

Ongoing Support

As new team members or developers are hired, get ongoing access to our services to have their identities managed and keep everyone accountable and trustworthy. This ensures no bad actor is able to sabotage your project and steal the funds. We've seen more than one project fall victim to this from a developer they've worked with for years.


Get access to our network of projects and developers to collaborate and build together. We work to help you connect with projects and people to help you have access to all the tools and resources needed to succeed.

Set Your Project Apart

With over 4000 rugpulls a day in crypto, and countless scams, users are highly skeptical of projects these days. Having your identity managed allows you to set apart your project as a transparent project in the space. It also helps crypto by creating more transparency and trust in the space.

Next Level Identity Security

We take identity management extremely seriously. All identities are stored in cold storage devices with 256 bit encryption, in a third party bank vault. We also separate the identities of each individual from the projects they’re associated with. Storing the second half of this information on a separate cold storage device, also encrypted with 256 bit encryption, in a separate secure location.

Our Process

The 'Verified by Obsidian'

Step 1:Initial Screening

We accept approximately 10% of all form applications that are submitted through our website. This is because all submitted requests are vetted based on the following criteria:

  • 1
    What is the unique use case?
  • 2
    How much effort has the team put into building out
    the project?
  • 3
    Is the website well done and informative?
  • 4
    How well have they executed their marketing?

Step 2:Interview Call

If the project is approved, one of our team members will interview the project lead over a call to understand more about the individuals that are building the project.

Step 3:Onboarding Documents

If the interview call goes well, we send your team the necessary Verified by Obsidian onboarding documents. One of the documents gives us the required information that will facilitate the rest of the onboarding process and the other is a contract that each multi-signature wallet holder and smart contract developer is required to sign.

It should also be noted that we move to the following step after all of the required onboarding documents have been filled out and payment has been successfully received by Obsidian.

Step 4:Identifiable Document Submittal and AI Verification

A special order number and verification portal URL link are given to the entire project which each individual then uses to submit their identification documents which are then verified using AI.

Step 5:PEP & Sanctions Check

A Verified by Obsidian team member then ensures that there are no red flags that came up during the PEP & Sanctions list checks along with other due diligence processes to ensure that we are working with the correct individuals.

Step 6:Recorded Video Interview

A recorded video meeting is then conducted with each individual in which a variety of topics are discussed including, but not limited to

  • 1
  • 2
    Team relationships
  • 3
    Project safety tips and other related information

At this point in time, each individual is also required to verify their wallet address if they are on the multi-signature wallet.

Step 7:Smart Contract Safety Check and Personal Wallet Assessment

A Verified by Obsidian team member then works with the lead smart contract developer in order to check over the following aspects of the project's smart contracts:

  • 1
    The smart contract code and the ABI are looked over to ensure that they are an exact match.
  • 2
    The smart contracts are linked to the multi-signature wallet (if in place) to ensure that funds are being sent to right place.
  • 3
    The personal wallet address history of each individual is then assessed for previous use of decentralized applications that have been known to be used for money laundering.

Step 8:Secure Document Storage

All acquired information is then encrypted using 256-bit encryption, any remaining information is then deleted and then transferred to a hard drive that is stored in a safe. For safety purposes, all accounts that are used to receive this data are also protected with two-factor authentication.

Step 9:Public Announcement

Once this is completed, a public announcement is sent in The House of Obsidian Discord server, on the Obsidian Council Twitter account, and a card is added to the Verified Projects gallery showing the name of your project along with any relevant links.

At this point forward, your project has the okay to showcase the Obsidian logo on your website so that the lengths that you have gone to in order to build trust with your community.

The Obsidian Shield

Want to go a step further to prove that you are a project that is dedicated to security and excellence? After obtaining Verified Project status and completing a Deep Logic Audit with Prisma Shield, you will receive "The Obsidian Shield" award which you can display proudly on your website!

For more information about what a Deep Logic Audit is, check Prisma Shield out here:

Previously Awarded Projects

Our Work

Verified Projects

Check out some of the most well-known projects to have gone through the program:

Sphere Finance

Sphere Finance was the first project to go through our Verified by Obsidian  KYC program and we are very proud to have them represent the high-quality standards that we strive to replicate.


WaifuTV is a decentralized streaming platform on the blockchain.

Rocket Global

Rocket Global is a hybrid exchange platform


SpaceDefi is an innovative, sustainability-centric DeFi protocol with a growing community of close to 15,000 members with lots of exciting developments on the horizon.


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