Leverage our KYC process for your platform or project's internal security purposes.

We recognize that your internal security needs are unique. Obsidian work with your team to develop the optimal security verification solution for your needs.




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Enterprise by Obsidian Builds Custom Internal KYC Systems

Enterprise by Obsidian is designed for internal usage by projects that want to augment their existing platforms or offerings to meet their own security standards and structure without public exposure. It is not meant to be used as a tool to verify public trust in a project.

Instead, it is a third-party augmentation for private, back-end use cases that are tailored to the specific needs and structure of the client.

Possible use cases could be:

A project wants to verify a new developer's identity before hiring.

A platform wants to KYC one or more members of a project before onboarding them into their ecosystem.

Two projects work together with a shared treasury and want to verify the identities of everyone who will have access to the shared funds.


Obsidian works with you to design a a solution that meets your specific needs. Our enterprise services provide peace of mind that an otherwise anonymous individual's identity is safely stored for any future accountability purposes.

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Our Work

See How Others Are Successfully Working With Enterprise by Obsidian

These plans were collaboritive and specialized to the needs of our partners.

Enterprise by


Gauss reached out to the Enterprise by Obsidian team with the goal of increasing security for their ecosystem's onboarding process. After a collaborative discussion, the following security threats were identified:


The identities of the individuals from the projects looking to join the Gauss ecosystem are unknown, creating a higher risk of theft without recourse.

Following this conversation, Enterprise by Obsidian proposed the following to solve their security concerns:


Require every project looking to enter the Gauss ecosystem to go through our KYC process. This included all the members of the core team and anyone with access to project funds and/or the smart contracts for the project.

With this innovative solution, Gauss utilizes Enterprise by Obsidian as a standard part of their onboarding procedure.


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