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As an active investor in crypto, I am looking to join a project to help build the future of DeFi and Web3.

I originally went to school to gain a Bachelors and Masters in CS (with a focus on AI). I then enjoyed over 10 years as a programmer in the network hardware and video game industries. I then transitioned to help my friends build their online retail business over the last 10 years and in that time grow the business to over $13M in annual sales. My growing interest in crypto, DeFi, and Web3 projects over the last year or so has led me to shift my work once again. I would like to make a large impact on future generations through commoditizing access to financial resources and networks for as many people as possible.

I love developing people as much as systems, and I enjoy facilitating communication between developers and non-developers. I thrive on creating unity and removing obstacles in projects to help everyone unlock the exponential gains they are capable of achieving. I enjoy leveraging my experiences in both startups and large corporations to help lead teams forward to individual and collective growth. I thrive in a big vision and I love empowering people, teams, processes, and systems to help make it happen.

I am happy to contribute in various ways to a project: as a developer, a project manager, or a product manager. A large concentration of my skills will be in infrastructure and backend development, with only minor exposure or experience in frontend and full stack work. I have developed my own iOS app and I have worked on a large scale gaming app as well.

I am excited to begin making an impact in DeFi and Web3 and I look forward to partnering with clients and teams that have a big vision to improve many lives.

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