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Hey, I am from Germany and I have been doing Crypto research for 11 months now. I have been through the bear market and seen all kinds of projects collapse. I know what to look for, how to spot red flags and risks and then list them out to draw my conclusion. I've learned what works, for how long, and what causes projects to fail. I can't guarantee a Project will be the next big thing, but I surely can lower the risks of investment.

I studied computer science and know JAVA and C/C++ and I am currently teaching myself Solidity. This means I can read Smart Contracts which is needed for my research since, depending on the project, I also look at their contract and/or audits. I look at the functions to see what rights the owner has. I look at everything told in the whitepaper to see if it is true. I use the blockchain explorer daily to see where the funds are going, if the projects are doing dubious things, and to check the movements of whales.

Now is the question for what do you need a researcher? You have a project you want to work with, but you don't have the time to research them to make sure they are doing the right thing(do what they say in the Whitepaper),or you want to invest your assets into projects, but again you don't have time to follow the project daily or no idea how long the project might take. Or maybe you just want to add a researcher to your team.

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