Community is the lifeblood of Obsidian.

Two communities, one goal - to provide a place where people who are genuinely striving for success can forge ideas, solve problems, connect with other legends and gain access to all of the resources needed to accomplish their dreams.

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“I Connect With People From All Over The World

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Our Communities

Two Communities.  Limitless Possibilities.

The Obsidian Council was birthed from two separate ideas that have now been intertwined.

The first is that you can accomplish literally anything you want if you have enough experience, talent, and motivation pooled together. The second is that the most “successful” people are incredibly lonely.

There aren’t a lot of people who are genuinely striving for success in every arena of their lives. People can get offended by your dreams when they have none; and annoyed by your ambition when they’re settling.

And even if you aren’t stepping on any toes, it can still be hard to find like-minded individuals. Our general idea was simple: connect the dots; easier said than done. To see our dreams come to fruition, we have to create something monumental.

We envision people from every background coming together to create something unique. The base camp from which all of our adventures launch. A place where we can forge ideas, solve problems, connect with other legends, and gain all of the resources we need to accomplish our dreams

Whether you are the person dreaming about “changing the world” but have none of the skills yet, or already are a world changer seeking a community who shares your vision; you belong in The Obsidian Council.

That is who we are, but we now divide it into two different communities:

House of Obsidian

Free Membership

The House of Obsidian is a free community that leaps into growth, recognizing that if we want to have a global impact, we need a global community.

  • Join for free
  • Network with like-minded individuals
  • Weekly AMAs with projects
  • Live podcast recordings
  • Expert classes
  • Community events
  • Upcoming P2E guilds

Obsidian Council

Paid Membership

The Obsidian Council is an intimate setting, where we intentionally limit growth for the sake of curating quality gathering, conversation, research, and community.

  • Exclusive, paid, access
  • The Whitelist Guild
  • The Research Guild
  • Regular meetings with Obsidian Founders
  • Conversations with developers
  • In-person Events
  • House of Obsidian governance

Do you want to join an intimate community of adventerous world-changers?

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